Fethiye in the Winter

Tours of Turkey

Fethiye in the WinterI think the RCI stock could be good for a number of reasons. One, it is as such a low point right now while still taking in income that it is clear that it has room to grow. Like any other stock these things usually go in cycles and its likely to bounce back after five years of decline. Its competitors are average and it was as some point the leader in its industry while still holding that ability in my opinion. It is a longer term investment and will likely be a good sell by 2024 maybe earlier if you desire. It is safe in the sense that it wont go much lower and they wont go bankrupt and also offer .54 per share dividends which is a nice return as well. It also just became the official sponsor for the Canadian Hockey league and it is a Canadian company so that could be a great marketing/public relations move. Going into a different sector a great investment could be a timeshare of some kind. You basically get a free vacation because you pick prime weeks you would like it for and then rent it out and make that money back plus additional profit that would only be eaten away at by some small maintenance expenses if things went well. I think the main downside would be that it would kind of be a pain to have to go to the same vacation spot every single year over and over rather than seeing other parts of the world in my own personal opinion . I just decided that it would be great to get the opportunity to own one for a very short period of time purely to feel the pros and cons of it but then have a quick sell plan with good benefit available in order decrease the amount of commitment you would actually need to have. I just feel like those are the type of investments that because of their tangibility, can cost a little more mental stress and effort than simply financially investing in a corporation of some kind. I like to put my money in several different baskets, which is why I think a safer diversified portfolio would be a better investment than going with something where all your eggs could be smashed in one mistake or poor buying decision. All this being said, anyone who has the knowledge to invest or financially plan is well beyond a majority of the population in terms of their ability to intake a personal gain and morally handle their expenses. It is certainly past a financial point that I have come but anyone who has money saved needs to understand the value of earning a return on it through investment of some kind, small or large. One who can plan well early in life can create large benefits for themselves in the future, purely from the work that they do now.www.gotourturkey.com

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